Health and Safety Measures At SPS


SPS Return-to-School Protocol

Any students, staff or faculty found to exhibit any COVID-19 related symptoms during the school day will be sent home. Individuals showing any symptoms will be asked to go home and must seek clearance from a doctor prior to their return to school. Parents are asked to collect their children promptly if they are showing the following symptoms :
• Difficulty breathing
• Cough
• Loss of taste/smell
• Sore throat

Promoting General Good Hygiene Practices

🔹It is mandatory for all staff and students on campus to be wearing their mask or face shield. Students must bring a spare mask in a resealable or ziploc bag, labeled with their name

🔹Students and PE teachers will not be required to wear masks when participating in strenuous physical activities during PE. They will have to put on their masks at other times, such as when moving from their classrooms to the PE lesson

🔹Students will wash hands at regular intervals through the day

🔹Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all classrooms and toilets

🔹Regular additional cleaning of all frequent touchpoints 

🔹Regular additional cleaning of other public spaces such as benches

🔹A COVID-19 cleaning and support pack in each classroom containing hand sanitizer, other cleaning materials, and support materials will be provided


Medical Support

🔹Full time trained medical staff on-site who will be able to assist any student with any symptoms or sickness


Student Movement Across Campus

🔹Students will not move between divisions during the day

🔹When students arrive they will move directly to their classroom


Entering Campus

🔹Parents will be allowed on campus for pick up and drop off by car or walk-in only but cannot enter the main campus or buildings without an appointment.

🔹All visitors will be expected to have an appointment.

🔹If a student/staff or a member of their household has been issued a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Quarantine Order (QO) please complete this form.


Transport Services

🔹There will be fixed allocated seating for students

🔹There will be fixed assigned seats for all riders to enable contact tracing where necessary. Siblings must sit together. 

🔹Bus seats are labeled in running number order. The bus monitor will show the students their assigned seats and the students must sit on assigned seats 

🔹Students must wear masks whilst on the bus

🔹Drivers and monitors will undergo health checks including temperature checks twice daily 

🔹Buses will be cleaned fully after every journey and equipped with full sanitizing equipment.



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